The Journey of Julian Rhine

by Julian Rhine

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"The Journey of Julian Rhine" by White Rhino




released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Julian Rhine Brooklyn, New York

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. Well, actually I make music and torture myself watching the Mets and Jets. Brooklyn born n raised.

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Track Name: Something to Say
Something to Say
(Rhine, Rice)

Hey I got something to say to you
I watch you every day
See you over and over again on replay
Hey I got something to say to you
Got eyes on you like no one else
Know you better than you know yourself

In a bl bl bl bl blink I’m in the p p p p pink. Come into my world and grab a drink. (Hey)
A world human eyes have never seen. I’ll take you down into the rabbit hole in my dreams
Fall between the cracks, land in the ravine. Take off your skirt.
I’ll grab your soul and take control with a smirk
I was below the earth and I’ve resurfaced to lurk in the world preserve it.
And I’ve been searchin for the words but its worthless. Avert your eyes red alert
This game is a circus and I’m a work. I said it in the verses get murked. And my perversions is worse, it’s gonna hurt.
It’s gonna hurt…


I am the gargoyle, you’re all alone I will find you. I won’t bite you (aarrf)
I got you on camera, you love the glamor
Learn your interactions, attractions, I got em. Jot em.
I’m quick with the quips. I’m quickily ticklin clits are sickily diggin the ditch. My quick wit twists like licorice, this bitch’ll sit on my dick. Spit.
Erratic. Erotic. The panic. The vomit.
No regrets I’m magnetic. Poetic death.


Know you better than you know yourself
Know you better than you know yourself

I’ll take you and make you scream
I’ll meet you in the in-between
Track Name: New York City
New York City

We chillin in the back of the cab again
Goin back to the back to the lab again
Lights on, night's done, almost dawn in Manhattan and man I blacked out at 4am
Hundred dollar bills. Good thing she swims. Good thing she sins, hop on it's a ride with a ride within
Little did she know that the riddle in the middle of little Italy was to fiddle her diddily. Did she did it or did she didn't need timidity, humility, silly city stop this city. (Yeah)
Come alive at night
Stay sharp in the day
Roll down the window
Fly away

Kill your cares there's nothing to be figured out
The lights are on in New York City
Ignite a fire, turn your life up loud
The lights are on in New York City

Times Square to Flatbush
Girl got a fat tush
Peddlers pushin purple kush
Stick out ya head, feel the whoosh
I'm on with this city, I'm one with my city, don't fuck with my city 'cause I am this city.
Never sleep but I always dream
Fly away above the dead-end scene
You can hide, restart your life
Fuck with the fuck with the fuck with the lights
On, 'cause they never go out
When we go out, blow it up (Oww!)
I think you should stay the same, I don't wanna change a thing
I think you should stay the same, I don't wanna change a thing


High rollers
Have noticed
Your focus
I see stars
I love you
I loathe you
I'll hold you
In my arms


Chorus x3
Track Name: Conquest

Who dat? Who dat?
Born ready. Never settle for 2nd place. I’m sweaty, the gold metal holds heavy lead, levee the seas and the jetties already.
Levy the troops steady. Stay sharp, I’m gettin edgy.
Watch for any enemies behind and there’s plenty ahead of me.
Drown in the Rhine, they all dead to me.
I don’t have to sell a single record to know I’m the best.
I’m comin for the conquest.

Gravity grabbin me, weighted training clothes
Ascend to fantasy, and I’m maiming foes
Like the king that I am
Sit on the throne of iron.
Molten core of fire. Rhino roar’s the new lion
Won my fights so I’m left to be right. I am the hungriest, the jungle either breaks you or takes you to new heights
Aight? Watch the throne, Corleone, hey Mr. West
I’m comin for the conquest

You know yeah you know yeah you know this
(I’m comin for the conquest)
You know yeah you know yeah you know this
(I’m comin for the conquest)
You know yeah you know yeah you know this
(I’m comin for the conquest)
Shuttin down shows, yeah, it’s show biz

Ball don't get it twisted
Flow ballistic missiles do not miss em bitches are uncivil and are not domesticated. 0s and 1s, it’s makin most hoes overrated. They hate it. Shut up and take the compliment
I dunno where the condom went
Raw dawg (hrroooff!)
Give up? Or are you thirsty for more?
By the time I'm 24 what’s in store what’s next?
I’m comin for the conquest


Bridge 1:
Stones thrown at my face. Then the people at my grave state
Oh no what a waste. Fuck a safety net and savin face.
So cold and disgraced. Or I glow and radiate.
Look at me face to face it’s no contest.
I’m comin for the conquest.

Holla to the bottom it's hollow without a condo it's hotter than to the top and it's harder then when I start and then I end it one shot I ain’t stoppin coppin the bop. Mantronic system sonic symbolic with no shot clock.
Talent let's you hit a target no one else can hit
My genius let's me hit targets that do not yet exist
I am unstoppable. Undroppable. Incomparable with no rest. yeah

Bridge 2:
I'm the greatest motherfucker in the game right now
I'm the strangest and a genius and I do it for the fame
Money over bitches, bitches only give you pain right now (pain right now)
(end of bridge: Pain)

Good things come to those who wait
But the best things come to those who take
I put my nuts on the table
Bare my soul to the public
Fuck it. Break it down rip it up, shitty idiot I love it.
Do work, conquer with honor. Her kitchen’s wide open I come in and come on her.
Wait till you see my concert

Bridge 2
(end of bridge: Welcome to my dreams)

My sincerity is resonance, my feet are in the reservoir
My clarity is resin hits, my head is full of stars
This is my reality, I take it out for all to see
Welcome to my dreams
Track Name: Star, Baby
Star, Baby

I play guitar I'm a rockstar, baby
Can you keep up keep up
I play guitar I'm a rockstar, baby
Can you keep up with me?

The kids don't stand a chance
And we don't give a damn
Where's my party, I've forgotten
You're invited, I bullshit nothin


Get high
Tonight and every night

My guitar wants to kill yo momma
My guitar wants to lay you down
Skinny jeans and the Knockoff allstars
Rolled up sleeves and my Warby Parkers


This is the journey of Julian Rhine


Ha ha ha ha
Little taste of honey
Always sunny in the south bitch
My dick is made of money
Put my money where your mouth is
Swag out at dinner get the check
You get the dessert. Cookies and milk on deck fuckin up
till breakfast we da coolest motherfuckers around
What? Comin up for a look, crooks
and I'll blame it all on the crew (Boom)
You can blame it all on me too
Go haaaaard on the green beat
People getting sick from the green meat
This is the journey of Julian Rhine
& Rhino right's behind me he's chasing me down
Bump my shit and the bad girls know
This is the place where bad girls go
Witcha brokeass get diamonds
Come to the stage. Rain lightning.
It tastes just like it smells.
Delicious Nasty.
Do you have some gum
I swear I've got a gun
I think you better run.


I'm at the crossroads, gonna give the devil my time
I'm at the crossroads, gonna let the devil speak her mind
I'm at the crossroads, gonna give the devil control
I'm at the crossroads, gonna let the devil take my soul
I'm at the crossroads, gonna let the devil change my name
I'm at the crossroads, gonna let the devil give me fame

The fame
The pain
This game's
Track Name: Crazy International
Crazy International

Abandon all your loved ones
Fame and fortune call you home (Crazy International)
Abandon them or draw blood (hrroof)
No one’s gonna save you when winter comes

Take me down to the 7th layer
See ya later, with the devil player
I am the devils advocate
I am abandonment
I am the management
I am the lunatic, now let’s do this shit
Swimmin in the bitches this is it I do the breast stroke.
I guess I got the best stroke
Thats why they love me it can't be for my cash flow
Brooklyn to Nashville
Crazy international
Picasso mural.
Spending money like I have it
‘nother bad habit. Fuck her like a rabbit.
Tryna make her happy uh uh
I'll get revenge exactly


Hey wait a minute what's yo name?
Rhine comma j m
Asleep in the a m (snooze)
Wakin up with satan (restless)
Witcha in the witching hour out to cause mayhem (wreckless)
Bend the devil over make her scream god day-umn!
Embrace the sun n stare at it
Family I don't care about it
Wolfsbane and wolfs blood
The lone wolf dies but the pack survives
Guess I shouldn’ta runaway
Rape and murder shots away (it’s just a shot away!)
Fame will come if you slow play
Money made of pussy, I’m so paid
Yeah mad riches (bling bling)
I forgot to turn my swag off before bed and I woke up covered in bitches


Fuck the devil
Fucked a devil
Winter won't you come won’t you come
Take the air right out my lungs
Fuck the devil
Fucked a devil
Winter won't you come won’t you come
Take the air right out my lungs

Can't stop the hurt
See you soon, Kurt. There’s no room, earth.
Rhino did you die or are you living
I told you Soldiers die for a living. I’m livid.
The atrocities that you committed all go unforgiven
Get money
Get nice n comfy
Live a life so elegant
Speak a speech so eloquent
Cold, cunning, self-made man
Drive drunk I don’t care, now my life’s in my foot’s hands
Chooof, Thank the man downstairs

Bridge 2:
Winter comes yeah winter comes x2
She finna cum she finna cum x2
Who ya Finna try who ya Finna try ahhh!?


Fuck everyone else in this game…
Sycamo style mo sicka than yours
My wit is quicka than yours
With the funky rhythm I be kickin, musician
Nas is underrated, but I don’t feel bad for him
Fuck Eminem, I eat a whole bag of him

What up, Hov? Congratulations on destiny's grandchild
I actually thought you just ate Beyonce’s box every night. Good to know she let you fuck her once.

Last name ever, first name greatest, step up to the mic please...

Drake Verse:
Haters say “hey Drake, we don’t really like you.” I just say, “whatever man, I’m Drizzy.”
I lookin at the future, haters lookin passed me.
I’m hiding from my past cuz I was crippled on Degrassi.

Rick Ross Verse:
Rick Ross
Hroof. Magic Bullet. You know it’s set to chop
Hroof. Rick Ross. I was a rent-a-cop.
Hroof Straight narc, but I still smoke a forest.
Hroof Brooklyn Pizza flow. Go Di Faras.
BOSS Thug life there ain’t no greater stakes
Hroof Peter Lugers, there ain’t no greater steaks
Hroof I’m bakin cake, waiters hate make haters wait
Hroof I took my old life, and made a great escape
Hroof Houdini flow, I’m in a straight jacket
Hroof Cum on her face, (BOSS) I straight jack it
Hroof Fuck da treesome, I’m doin Fo’ play
Hroof Money made o’ pussy. Hroof I’m so paid

Chorus x2
Track Name: BS

You shouldn't wear that belly shirt
You're too fat for the belly shirt
(Repeat ad nauseam)
Track Name: Stunning

Oh I wanna see you down
So get down on your fuckin' knees
I say please, baby please, baby please, baby please
Don't you bite at the hand that feeds

Oh you wanna see me down?
And keep me 'round for another squeeze
When you breathe, yeah you breathe, yeah you breathe, yeah you breathe
Yeah you're breathing in the disease

Truths: I dress in a phone booth, I'm invulnerable
Dutch no optimos, this ain't optional, nah, gettin comfortable
You wanna piece of me, take the whole thing golden
Not stolen, I give it away.
Truths ain't black and white, even acting right, right, there's still a little gray
I'm comin from Brooklyn straight to your headphones.
I get nothin but head dome brain skull knob cop bop. Then I hit it raw dog make her scream don't stop "don't stop."
Sicker than yo average. Savage, life's lavish, fuck a bad bitch. Outlandish, get the fuck up off my dick and fix me a sandwich.


You know I want it
I know you need it
You know I crave it
I know you're bleeding
Let's play the rape game, shut your eyelids
Lust and violence, the Rhinovirus
Breathe in the disease. Inhale the elements.

Venom and adrenaline are mixing with my melanin
Ingested by degenerates who meddle with my medicine
I guess I'm feelin generous in general lieutenants
Tend to lend the best antennas in clandestine they need penance I detest em so
serenity now! Lend me your energy now. Cut obscenities out. Fuck.
The enemies' arrested and the tenant isn't festering and heaven is her presence if she's tentative molesting her.
Offendin and upendin she depend on a gentleman
And I tend to her and get it in wet always feelin generous
This milk's our milk. I'm rich, I'm generous.
Bitch is on my dick like I'm Ellen Degeneres


I am legendary
In my obituary
It says I'm the boss
So keep dressing like my secretary
Track Name: Phase It Out
Phase It Out
(Rhine, Rice)

I wanna...
I wanna...
What time is it?
I'm losing it
You fight dirty
Just try and hurt me
Turn on the night
We own the night
Let's spend the night
White lights white knight
What time is it?
I'm losing it
Breathe deep, relief, release, release

Chorus 1:
If it don't make you shout
Phase it out, phase it out
If it can't hold you in
Turn it around, start again

Where I run
Better run
Pickin up your scent so I set it in no editin the sedatives are settalin I'll get it in
I'm the animal
My mandibles
Are mechanical
Shake it up
Shut it down
Shake it up
Shut it down
Kiss your clavicle
Wake the animal
Upside down, diagonal, What time is it?
I'm losin it. Keep usin it. Lunatic.

Chorus 1
Chorus 2:
If it don't make you shout
Phase it out, Phase it out
There's an animal within
Let it howl, shout again

Chorus 1
Chorus 2
Track Name: Face The Music
Face The Music

Baby, you drive me crazy. But you drive me crazy.
Go crawl back to your momma and your poppa baby
Your convictions my addictions, your bells became a ball n chain
The evil, the mean. I'm caught and lost out in-between

You say you still feel it
I bet you do oooooh
You say you still want it
But my dreams still remain haunted

Yeah, yeah, I'm on my new shit
Yeah, yeah, you're so abusive
Yeah, yeah, well the truth is
Yeah, yeah, you'll face the music

You did this to yourself. You and no one else.
Bitch you need some help. Alls well that ends in welts.
You are my siren, singing me to shipwreck
I need silence, just to find the disconnect



I want power
I wanna stand over you crying
So cold hearted
I'm gonna break, so sick of trying


Track Name: Dust

1, 2, 1, 2, 3 uhhh

Don’t fuck with me, don’t even think about it
She said, “come fuck with me don’t even think about it”
I need lots of praise and an excess of sex to satisfy my lust
My nerves are dead from all the trust
Spit right back in my face. I spit the truth. Don’t spit the bust you’ve bit the dust.
I know I'm completely me, spit it
I don't have no decency, hit it
Recently, more frequently, she denies my reentry
Take a little piece of me that’s swimmin in elixir and I’m mixin drinks and chillin till I stick it in her this’ll fix her
If I’m bitter lick my finger 'fore I put it in her inner walls whether well without her still a winner

Insecure, speech is slurred (I don't really like your attitude)
Immature, got no cure (I don't really like your attitude)
Mon amour, saboteur (I don't really like your attitude)
Say no more, even score (I don't really like your attitude)

Break up, tear it down
You run this show into the ground
It ends where it begins
We turn back into dust again

Yeah, yeah, yeah
We’re broken up now
You’re broken up now
You’re choking up now
Like when I choked you out
You came and went, I’m free at last to experiment
I forget the age of consent uh uh, yeah
Pop the champagne
Let’s do the damn thang
You make such gentle sighs and I want your genocide
Let’s set aside some time to die, but for now let’s just get high.
The incomparable, the unstoppable, I – I - I’m better than ever
And I know now what you’ll know never (I know now what you’ll know never)


You smell me girl?
Slrig rehto ekil llemsi

I don't wanna fit in
Gonna break right out of this cage
I don't wanna blend in
I’m so ashamed I cant look at my face


Alternate Chorus:
I’ve said it once before but it bears repeating
I’ve said it once before but it bears repeating
I’m in my wifebeater and you’re badly beaten
I’ve said it once before and I’ll say it once more

Chorus + Alternate Chorus

Track Name: The Pilot
The Pilot
(Rhine, Berry)

Let's go everyone
Track Name: Feel Like I Do
Feel Like I Do

Do you ever feel like you feel like I do?

Like a restless creature
Like a reckless beast or
Some weirdo freak. Now don’t get weak, uh, there’s so much talent
Stay off balance
Yeah girl get pressed up
On the wall handcuffed
Let’s get messed up
Tear that dress up

I feel something new
Do you feel it too?
I can’t keep myself still
You smell fresh as the kill
A freak on a leash
Now release it

Feel it, know that it’s real
It’s a good thing, stand and reveal
The look, the sound, the taste, the smell
Come alive in the night, we’re all animals


It just gets weirder
Come catch the fever
I'm such a dreamer, I sleep to dream her
I’m crawlin and I’m creepin and I’m ballin in my sleep
And then I'm thinkin I done did it and I never ever written ink
This my own style, never bit it never lip-synch
Girl you know it’s girl you know it’s girl you know it’s




Do you ever feel like you feel like I do?
The fame. The pain. This's insane.


We’re all animals
Track Name: Limelight


I bought you a necklace it don't go with your clothes (oooooh)
I forgot the setlist (ha). Just go with the flow (the show goes on)
The times right My minds right I rhyme tight (ha) I crimefight (ha)
Run away from the limelight (ha), it’ll change us (ch-ch-change us)
Burn right through your eyesight, entertain us (here we are now)
Yeah the fire burns (ha) in NY (ha), it’s burnin up my home (ha)
It’s my turn (ha), now I fly (ha), I’m all alone in my zone (ha)
Look around you all around you, sensationalist killins (ooooh)
And they say weed harms the chitlins

Kick drum pump hard blow up my heart

I’m all alone, where no one knows my name (Rhino)
Afraid to be unknown, but man maaaan dares to be great (ha)
How the limelight tastes (ha) like sour grapes (ha)
We all want sex and the legend we tell to live on have ‘em singing it well
In the limelight burning pleasantly
Hope time don’t turn against me

We’ve come a long long way from home
Together, we are so far gone
Medication, Meditation
Motivation, Machination
I’m getting off from your inspiration
I’ll let you off at the next station
It’s all good baby, baby don’t cry
Limelight shines bright your eyes

Kick drum pump blow up my heart
Kick drum come blow me apart

The world’s all over the world’s all over
the world’s all over the world’s all over
the words I love you the words I love you
the words I love you the words I love you
I’m already gone (And if you don’t know, now you know)
I’m already gone (And if you don’t know, now you know)
I’m already gone, on to the next one