The White Rhino

by Julian Rhine

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The White Rhino is the eponymous debut album from the Brooklyn rapper.


released November 16, 2010

Music by Julian Rhine



all rights reserved


Julian Rhine Brooklyn, New York

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. Well, actually I make music and torture myself watching the Mets and Jets. Brooklyn born n raised.

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Track Name: Underwater

I just fall
The world is weighing me down
Goodbye all
Now I am waiting to drown

Have you ever felt you must be fuckin damned on this planet?
My life was unplanned and can it be that big Man just can’t stand it

My head and hands on a cannon man I’m a sinking Titanic
It’s manning up not to panic so I’m just something organic

Cuz I mean OOOH!, how my eyes do shine
With little brittle tears but that’s just fine
Cried till I filled the depths of the Rhine, the dark don’t matter when you’re blind

I never used to see the sea as something unkind
And sometimes it reminds me of the time when the world was mine

I’d remove my sandals, look down and say hello feet (hi)
I’d flow with the tide while critters were all passing me by

(breathe) Now I’m having trouble breathing,
reeling in some real-deal feelings
The ocean floor just looks the same as the ceiling


All this land and hard shit has been swallowed up by my catharsis
I departed, water fills my every orifice, thoughtless

no rebirth well lemme check, I guess I don’t know better yet
That I am not a starfish, I’m still heartless, and I feel so empty, so please stop this

ship from dropping to the bottom
all the flotsam’s gotten rotten
solve the problem or I’ll be swallowed, someone put me inside a bottle

Uh, deep in the ocean
I’ve been sinking in slow motion
And my erosion’s made an owner of raisin’d hands and a wrinkled scrotum

Oh! That line was ballsy
My skin’s so salty
My body’s broke, my heads all soaked, and I got no hope this water’s choked me up

Track Name: Up to the Stars
Up To the Stars

Drink up to the stars x2
This is a call to action
Because I drink with passion
My head’s impacted by the thing that makes you so attractive

I think I love you bottle
You taste just like a model
I kiss the ring and drinking in the truth that’s hard to swallow

My vision’s blurry now
I’m in no hurry now
Synapse collapse I’m back, no need to worry now

You make the sky the limit
You take the light and dim it
Inhale the smells of death I better get a minute

Drink up to the stars x2
Drinking’s just a game and I’m intending to win
Until the room spins and the fat girls look thin

‘Til I’ve pissed off the world, I just hurled
Now I’m curled up in the fetal position
I need a needle incision

I take a drink and put a little bit of Ritalin in it
I am illiterate, a shitty little idiot
Brain cells, I kill it

Chillin, medication is healin
But then came the day when I really met the true villain

Too fast. Car crash. Relax. Relapse. Ah.

Drink up to the stars x2
No this is not the ending
I’m revving up the engine
The car is dead but that’s not the death I intend to mention

He bleeds internally
He sees eternity
And with a murmur he splurged out “you murdered me”

Pour you out for Adam
But I miss your blissful kisses madam
battle me back and I’m glad, again I have ‘em

Right back on the horse
Quit when I’m a corpse
Well I did for a month we’ll call it par for the course

I’m so glad I came back, baby.

Drink up to the stars x4
Track Name: Aviators
(Rhine, Berry, Rice)

Hey haters (haters haters haters)
I’ll smell ya later
No need to battle we can be collaborators
You can’t phase me cuz I’m lovin my white blazer
With a wink and a tip of the cap from the brim of my hat
Ready set to start the rager (Go!)

Let’s go everyone!
Put your aviators on, put your aviators on
You can be whoever you want
As long as you’ve got your aviators on

I-I-I got my dancing feet on, burn-burn burning up the dance floor
Live for the moment, just hold it, don’t go pressing fast forward
Past the break of dawn until we can’t stand no more
Sing this song with your glasses on, sing along and you’ll transform


Teardrop lenses make and operate optic perfection
Run don’t walk, fly don’t run, touch the sun if you want
Spectators chicky checkin your specs
They don’t recognize you yet
You’re famous, yes, you’ve got magic you’re top gun just like maverick
But that doesn’t make you an impersonator
You’re always you, shades they ain’t no simulation to go through, now let’s get hot, blow off the top of the power generator
Our plane leaves from the center of the stadium go insane till your system’s drained Aviator may-nee-a!!


Hands up, all hands up, all hands up, we don’t give a what
Hands up and wave-iators

Dolce & Gabana specs
Poolside chill cabana sex
Pass me marijuana spliff
Damn I love that cannabis (beat drops)
Sentimentally smellin me send’um in in a specially
Got me molly and ecstasy extra sexual energy
Smell of melon inhaling mints, Eyes reddening element
Enterin is the enemy, oh no, 5-0, don’t no
‘tice me staring at you in that bikini
And I see you have on x-ray specs well can you see my penis?
3D glasses I’ll explore on Pandora today,
be who you want, whoever you want. Even being gay’s ok


All shades, all colors, shapes, and sizes...
Track Name: Tell Her (f Olivia 'OG' Gallion)
Tell Her
(Rhine, Precht)

Beyond obsessed, never settle for less
Expect I see your blessed face in every Rorschach test
God this is fucking intense, the feeling’s immense
I need to know you in a biblical sense

I feel a burning in my chest and it keeps me from rest
It’s pain that couldn’t be prevented by a bulletproof vest
I’m a mess, yes, no doubt I’m depressed
I got a letter to the editor it’s self-addressed

I’m so in love that it’s maddening, unfulfilled and it’s saddening
Can’t believe what is happening, what the fuck is happening?
Think happy things, I’m tormented, do you love me back?
Love is a light that can reflect or refract

I can’t maintain, it’s plain to see the state that I’m in
My head is spinning where I’m ending is where you begin
I’m trembling and I’m tense, my brain unhinges
If I can’t have you life is finished

Tell her you love her
The answer doesn’t matter in the end
Tell her you love her
Or you’ll never sleep again

I’m so afraid to say I love you but this voice says I have to
So does Matthew, I have to try to have you
If you say no they say I’ll move on with my life
But you can’t say no when it’s feeling so right

First thought in the morning, last thought every night
And I can’t fall asleep so I take these thoughts and I write
I just fall deep between couch cushions, sinking
Up all fucking night thinking

About your yes, no, maybe, the dream of making it famous now seems so stupid and aimless
I’ve just been pointed by hatred
Now if we maybe made a baby my days wouldn’t be wasted
They could be painless. Save me, wild-haired lady

I’ve had your taste in my mouth when we’re playing pretend
That shit’s all in a skit but I don’t want it to end
My senses explode, we only know what we feel
You’re better than the girl of my dreams (beat drops) you’re real



Each and every night when we’re looking at stars
I would so like to tell you how beautiful you are
I’m flippin, thinking of kissing but you’re thinking of him
He’s missing such a vision but I’m listening in

He’s out of the game, but you’re scared you’re still lovin him
I feel I’ve laid my eyes on the ark of the covenant
Fuck it, your face I can’t cover it, lay waste to the place like bass my heart’s thunderin

Conviction’s contagious, you make me believe
Soulmate, please…
I so badly want you to want me
It haunts me. Love taunts me with false promises.
Oh, how easy being honest is.

Probably honesty’s been a policy not on me, I’d
Need a bottle in front of me or a frontal lobotomy
Now my drum beats even and heart beats an oddity
This is the birth of a harder me, so I’ll tell you. You’re it. This is grown man shit.

Track Name: Hittin da Crub
Hollatchurrboys Freedzy + Rhino
Track Name: LGBT (F Freedzy Baby)
LGBT (f/ Freedzy Baby)
(Rhine, Freedman)

Big titty hoodrats, report to the dance floor. Girls with regular sized titties, you should be ashamed of yourself. Buy your man a drink cuz he’s not happy with you right now. Small titty girls, GET THE FUCK OUT.

Little Girl, Big Titties

Big titty little titty call her biggie smalls
Lemme holla at this trollup I lay the pipe cuz I ball
Did I stutter bitch I said to tell the waitress bring us sushi
Now get down on the dish and eat eachudda pussy
Big titty bouncing, scissorin bitches
That back I need to hit it or I’ll add you to my shitlist
Vibrate, gyrate, while I’m violating these crunk beats
Did my pupils dilate or is this girl's ass like a donkey?


Freedzy Baby Verse
As the world turns and my name gets bigger
All of a sudden more girls wanna fuck this spitter
I got a fetish for small girls and breastes
Knock my balls around yeah I'm down for some tennis
So see me know my M.O.'s to roll
With home grown hydro blunts smoked straight to the dome
Or a bong a rip for the little bitties with the big tits
Fuck the b.c.'s Freedzy serves up the best shit
I fuck girls with tits through the alphabet
I hit it, never bit it, and the girls get wet
See me, Mr. Freedz, I'm the dean between the sheets
I won't fuck unless I'm drunk cuz your tits ain't double Ds


She walk around all anal and shit
Like her personality chip switch flipped click to bitch
Someone give her a dick quick, little titties
Whats wrong can't seem to get none?
Solutions simple silly get your fuckin breasts done
Or else I’m onto the next one, my sex gun's perfection, get some. I get cunt. Don't
Object to the straight infection ejaculate an interjection.
I am the Christ Lord answer to natural selection
Big titties over jesus. Parlay over beejes
Girl I’ll get you anything except for the fuckin weddin ring
I’m getting married to the game like black and white on sing-sing
And I’m at the wedding in my all white everything
Track Name: (You Are) Nothing to Me Anymore
(You Are) Nothing to Me Anymore

Thought you were right, you're the wrongest
Be strong, I'm the strongest
This King Kong shit, I shout and climb and you're outta your mind and now you're out of mine
Fuck yesterday, world turn the page to a better day
Hey, hey, mistakes that I made that would leave me awake now are dreamed away
And I find your frozen time under my bed so I take your head and poke holes
Looks say yes lovely lips say no
Long legs, lay closed, stay go, your soul glows, so I
Roll solo in slow-mo, hold the only love I know
Cold and lonely, stoned as always, emotions roll like roller coasters, host explosions to toast
Stole heart on the show floor, proposed
Still double-take when I see your face it's the neck turn
You could've been my Audrey Hepburn, now let's burn
Pictures I picked this addicted afflictions explicit
Shit I hit it I fiddled with digits like arthritical criminal misfits, I missed
The kiss of the flick of your whip, bitch, or is it
I did, I diggity dig it, I did it, my skin's thick, burnt pic

You are nothing to me anymore

Hold on to your headphones and press rewind
Listen again and let it blow your mind, you're nothing, this time I mean it
What goes around comes around and I think that you're in orbit
Pedal to the medal accelerate on the yellow I floor it
You were a shotgun moon that hovered over my head
Now you're nothing but a backseat dream that flew by instead, get red
Go green and get the fuck out and walk, bitch please, freeze, zero degrees
When i am God you'll be the first on your knees
And your answers are anxious beneath the blankets enchantress my chances ask in assonance flashing is passin, pack in the passion I'm mackin
Muse make me music, lose it, babbling heart
Cracklin, smackin, attackin, I'm back in fascination, you think tank thanks
Love is something screamed from the mountains (Ah, fuck)
Why do you think I would make this album?
True scars, you are nothing

Track Name: There's a Light
There's a Light

Light it up.
Sick of the night shift, so I lift brightly
There’s a new morning like greater is he that’s in me than he that’s in the world miracle lightning
right, heat, street corners leaning make signs for peace
Dirty cleated bleedin feet smell the deceit on the priests
Illin villain religion
Fill in the blank
The Vatican is laughin all the way to the bank, oh
You know I know everybody know
You can’t pay the rent if you ain’t got the dough (there’s a light)
So dishonest profits off prophets light’s hotness
Burns (motherfucker burns) like a torch, think it’s linkin Olympic champions
Mishandling control amazing, religious affiliation hazing (there’s a light)
Taking every syllable of a biblical miracle a little too literal
it’ll get me irritable it belittles the physical shit I’m thrilled it’s the mission though: spit on opinions and make me look like a criminal (there’s a light)
Praise be to God and praise be to Allah

There’s A Light
There’s a light that is shining when the world began
And a light that is shining in the heart of a man
There’s a light that is shining in the black and the jew
And a light that is shining, friend in me and in you
There’s A Light, light, light…

2nd verse, same as the first
A little bit louder and a little bit worse
Every day has death and every day has births (there’s a light)
And if you want heaven you can find it on earth
It’s a glowing speckle inside and if you let it start growing
I suspect you’ll start floatin
I’m flowing it’s all like my words
Take me skyward, an elemental essence it’s benevolent except I haven’t been in heaven yet
Mephistopheles is stopping me at the gate he’s saying “no way” no you can’t stay today
He said you gotta
stop at the drop of the poppin a cops a props for coppin the bop.
These heathens’ll creep but beam’s breeze is eazin. Believe in believing. Call me nuts.
but I bet there’s a little bit of light in all of us.
All of us all of us all of us all of us all of us all of us


I don’t wanna live no more
Sometimes I hear death knockin at my front door (knock knock)
Yeah I understand life ends
Light up your life follow the light and let the next begin
keep chillin, rebellin, stop snitchin. It is written, bitches. quit bitchin.
Too many
Men and women spittin venom enema henna tatted forever kiddin skiddin in em
In an omniscient position ignition (there’s a light) I envision I am swimming when fishin’s the mission. Flippin the little lid. Let the Litralists listen.
How sweet the sound, pray Confucius say now
All things huge must be built from the ground
Hold it homie (light) it ain’t hopeless, you wanna know what hope is?
I’m hope cuz a nonbeliever wrote this, holy shit
You’re not alone in feeling alone
Light for lightyears, take us home


Brooklyn I'm comin home
Brooklyn where y'at?
Yo somebody pass me...graham crackers, marshmellow, and some chocolate
Track Name: War

No country, no quarter
Mothers, fathers, sons and daughters
Everyone is getting slaughtered
On whose orders? Well we all are
Responsible for these crimes of torture
Soldiers gotta keep your head above water
Kill yourself if you’re water-boarded
The list of martyrs is getting shorter
But I’ve got the word and the tape recorder
No room to fail cuz I can’t afford to
The word is sordid but this shit’s important
War in my head, war in Iraq
Still get chills from the terrorist attack
The world turned worse and it won’t turn back
Every day fades into black
.44 to protect myself
40 ounce up upon my shelf
So I’ll drink it, hope it helps
Drowning out all the things I’ve felt
The things I feel, feel so real
Really though, what’s the deal?
We steal from people who don’t got meals
We’re on our heels for the kill, kill, kill
They’ll take your life to get that green
My dream rises above the c.r.e.a.m.
But I can’t dream cuz I can’t sleep
I pull the sheets and I see my being:
Beamin and gleamin I mean I’m even a demon
I bleed my meanings extremely
And always mean what I’m screamin
I plant the beans and I reap ‘em, the edge of the ledge I am leanin’
It seems obscene but I’m cleaning, this new regime of blasphemin’ I’m leadin’
Folded flags and body bags
Folded flags and body bags
Runnin on caffeine with no cream
Just morphine and kerosene
Above the scene in the mezzanine
Extremist themes in the war machine
Fiendish claims that peace is sought
I’ll never be sold and I’ll never be bought
Hold the rope and I’ve thought a lot
Gotta have hope cuz that’s all I’ve got

My whole life is war
Come back for more

War makes me roar till my throat goes hoarse
Soaring and this chorus of course on course
Life is coarse straight to the source
Never believe in the news reports
I spit that truth, it’s tough to hear it
This is gonna make you hate your parents
Art & Kurt said to take no prisoners
Blood for oil? That’s just business
Oh God, my aubade
In this world there’s Gods and clods
My shits odd, but you’ll applaud
Some people thanking God for the terror squad
Shit’s so flawed, God’s a fraud
You’ll hang me up upon that cross
For the things I say, maybe pay the cost
Ooh and aww when the bombs go off
Smoke and cough from the exhaust
My heart’s too cold to hit defrost
Where was God for the holocaust?
I swear to God my God got lost
Better be ready for Emperor’s Armageddon
And there’s unrest in my chest I guess that hell’s where I’m headin
I’ll never go without a fight
I’m burnin out the candlelight, left or right, black or white
War is murder, no end in sight

My whole life is war
Come back for more
This world’s at war
Shake it to the core
Track Name: Sympathy for the Joker
Sympathy For The Joker

A cloaking cape, choking hate, a man who masks his
Face, saving babies, made famous, changes fates

Listed as one of the greats, a real hero
All the people see this image and it’s coming in so clear, yo

He hears and watches like an eagle, he’s lethal to the evil
Alter ego makes me squeamish when the wind blows, heart’s palpitating

He’s up at night like amphetamines caffeinated
A covered face could be replaced he’s ready to be decapitated

With so many friends, you were bound to make an enemy
I’ll get you hero even if it means the end of me

Your downfall’s at my hands, and I stand tall
I know no one should have it all

I killed Lois Lane
I raped Mary Jane
I am just what the hero needs
Just what the hero needs
Gonna make this hero…

He storms in I guess he found my secret lair
His family’s gone, you will probably call it bad behavior

Hello Mr. Hero well it’s really nice to meet you
I too have x-ray vision and I see your costume’s see-through

Hold up, I’m dangerous, it’s just us no hostages
Hero you need justice

He says, “your words do not phase me”
Hero, you know you want to kill me. We’re all a little crazy

In fact you and I are just a coin with two sides
Yinyang Boomerang collides and there’s no place to hide

We’re both laughin at tragedy this is anarachy, can it be
That insanity’s a fallacy, it’s an attack of the animal that answer’s me

I color your life with purpose, you’ve heard of this
It hurts, though—to know that you’re a murderer
I did you a service so

Don’t think you can escape from original sin
It is this criminal thing we all feel from within

He strained his brain then he claimed that our names are the same
And the flames came from nothing, spontaneous combustion


I made this hero believe
Track Name: The Conversation
The Conversation

Look at my son, look his little baby dick
The doc’s got shots, it’s just a little pin-prick
Now you’re getting sick, incubate quick
I see you in the fish tank, I think I’m a heretic

Remember December? They told you I died
Entering my 2nd life, surprised I’m alive
I survived and I’m back in the arms of my mother
Smother me with love every day I wanna hug her

But dad right now I’ve really numbed that feeling
Flames in my brain I throw up through the ceiling
I endanger myself and I need some healing
I need you now to lift me up like helium

Take a minute to get in it cuz the world is yours to win it
Finish your dinner and watch the Mets’ll win the pennant
Bitterness isn’t a bit of business of a winner
Life’s a wheel of fortune, gotta be a spinner

Too many blows for you to soften
Far too often, I think of the coffin
I’m coughin’, I already used my restarter kit
Blow my brains, kurt cobain, give me that nirvana shit

Dad, bury me now
Son, I don’t know how

Dad get on the phone, I think it’s mom
She’s callin me up but she’s never coming home
I try to hold my own in an unknown time
But I lay awake and I can’t stop crying

Why did momma get cracked in the skull?
Son, the ebb and flow is like a fatal blow
We were living high, gotta take the lows
Sometimes it rains, it pours, it snows

Just remember, burn like ember
Fight for your rights but not the gang members
Be a soldier of the world, pledge your allegiance
Rip up your draft card, it divides into regions

The lesions on her head make me hate this legion
Reason for treason turned up like the seasons
And I swear to God I’ll kill those kids if I
see ‘em. Believe it.

I see mom seizure and I try to bury it
Dad, will you sing Swing Low, Sweet Chariot?
Son, it’s a huge weight, together we can carry it
I love you dad, but this one’s for Harriet