White Rhino Wednesdays

by Julian Rhine

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released July 6, 2011



all rights reserved


Julian Rhine Brooklyn, New York

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. Well, actually I make music and torture myself watching the Mets and Jets. Brooklyn born n raised.

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Track Name: White Lights [ft. Ellie Goulding, Brenton Duvall]
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine It when I'm alone
And so I tell myself that I'll be strong
And dreaming when they're gone

'Cause they're calling, calling, calling me home
Calling, calling, calling home
You show the lights that stop me turn to stone
You shine It when I'm alone

Turn it on and put it in
Lights on, rights wronged
This game is a bitch, and I keep that bitch barkin
Lights sparkin, hand me the marker till it darkens
I’ve started I’m embarkin on my fantasy,
Let go of the wheel cuz nobody can handle me
Excuse me while I blow, better watch your back while you plant the back-Ho
Slicker in consider in the middle of an inch in a pinch it'll singe from the fire of my motherfuckin flow
Medusa eyes and I turn to stone
all along immortal on my throne, alone
Now I'm gone, lost out in oblivion
Smack off the back of a crack moon rock and addict in the attic surge the sockets and I’m shivering cold
Chall know, white glow, ready? Go


I was the kid that walked away from the light
Throw up a finger if you wanna feel the shine
Let it linger let the light radiate
A million miles high, let’s levitate we elevate
Look down at the sky,
wave goodbye say hello down below is the pilot with his aviators chall already know
Hold on hold on hold on hold on
Chall already know

[White Rhino, White lights] x2

Chall already know. Rhino in this bitch ‘bout to blow
Ready? Go.

Call me home it’s the call of the nation it’s me and I’m calm in a bombin and I bomb another nation I play playstation and I’m plain in vacation and this plane’s stayin way, way, way up high like what I embody. Settle let a be forgot oh lah-de-ah at the heavenly body glitters ah we the bloomin illuminati. Everybody burnin have you seen this have you heard this? Verses so fly out the mouth like blurt it. Words, Smith, are twisted, inverted. This beat’s droppin, this beat’s droppin, this beat’s droppin droppin droppin, this beat’s droppin, this beat’s droppin, this beat’s droppin droppin harder than birdshit

Chorus x2
Track Name: GhostRhiter [ft. RJD2]
Mostly overloaded
Hell is bloated holy souls know not of closeness so your god act so ferocious, no no Imperial precocious there’s no hopin it's so hopeless
Those closest have roses for my headstone, blehhhh
Better gettin headies in beddies
She say, "In bed he's a beast"
I say, “Bitch I'm the best”
She love my cock and when I cum on her chest
Beatily deeds’ll really speedily feedin me eatin me
up inside, tearin through my stomach like an alien
Yup, alright
Up, all night
Come alive like
Every time I rhyme is another dime swoonin
The baddest baby bagged me, placed my hand up on her boobies when we spoonin
Fusion we grooving, ground is movin,
Flow is looney, tune in
Hunnymoon is over fine-tuning very necessary
Her hidden temple is so legendary
Let’s have a toast to the douches and the spooky ghosts
Don’t bury me. I ain’t endin face-down in the overcrowded cemetery

Rhino, white like a ghost
Writer writing truths I don’t mean to provoke
White Rhino, unh, white like a ghost
Fire in the booth, I make smoke

Rhino, white like a ghost
Writer writing truths, jokes and jokes
White Rhino, unh, white like a ghost
Fire in the booth, I make smoke

Please don’t bury me, down in that cold cold ground
I’d rather have them chop me up, and pass me all around
Original I don’t bite, I don’t need nobody to ghostwrite
Right Rugged? Hard ass thuggin
Shoot my ashes from a cannon
This isn’t with tradition or the canon
But I’m plannin for the flow spreadin fanning like a camera’s panoramic spannin
Goin harder than the adamantum
Now then Shannon’s tryin for some banging add an Anna and an Amber Rose
Enamored. No more hoes, bangadda bangadda slammin. Gross loose pussies. The lark I’m rammin gotta cram it in with my hammer. She tight.
Upstream battle I’m a salmon feast or famine reexamined jamming damn! People clamorin down for my shows campin out in Alabama man I gotta keep on hustlin keep on scrambling like I’m Michael Vick. The kitchen’s open baby, get back on this Rhino dick.

Rhino, white like a ghost
Writer in the clutch, I ain’t one to choke
White Rhino, unh, white like a ghost
Fire in the booth, I make smoke
Track Name: Come Away
Come, come away, come away, come away with me
Way away with me

Do she ever wanna run away and hideaway like every day
And maybe save that baby from what is and what’ll never be
So many enemies. You ain’t even dead to me. You’re alive, (I’m alive)
Cuz I don’t got time for you
Bustin out the moves girl I wanna vibe,
I guess I’m feelin generous but enter us to center show it off and get so dirty put the sex on us and clean it up like enemas while men and women spend on us, send it up
Oohs and aahs like hey ms. degenerates
rhino’s never settled, churrgirl you get a medal
still inhaling the elements, never sell it said there’s plenty settle
down and quit your meddlin just ingest the medicine
Offendin and upendin and depend on a gentleman
And I tend to her and get it in wet always feelin generous
This milk’s our milk. I’m rich, I’m generous.
Bitch is on my dick like I’m Ellen Degeneres


I just keep winning, just keep winning, just keep winning, winning, winning
Oh that’s Dory, back on my Ellen Degeneres flow
I guess I’m kinda jealous cuz I wanna do her show
I like the way she dances with Zack Galifianakis
VIP Swag downstairs in my white robe
I grabbed your hand, said “take some chances”
Saw you glancing yeah I’m handsome, so
You’ll give in to my advances
Man and woman, no questions asked
It’s cuz of how we dancin, slow
Our bodies have the answers

No slow motion
Come in closer
Kiss me harder
Come in faster yeah-e-yeah