Crazy International

from by Julian Rhine

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Crazy International

Abandon all your loved ones
Fame and fortune call you home (Crazy International)
Abandon them or draw blood (hrroof)
No one’s gonna save you when winter comes

Take me down to the 7th layer
See ya later, with the devil player
I am the devils advocate
I am abandonment
I am the management
I am the lunatic, now let’s do this shit
Swimmin in the bitches this is it I do the breast stroke.
I guess I got the best stroke
Thats why they love me it can't be for my cash flow
Brooklyn to Nashville
Crazy international
Picasso mural.
Spending money like I have it
‘nother bad habit. Fuck her like a rabbit.
Tryna make her happy uh uh
I'll get revenge exactly


Hey wait a minute what's yo name?
Rhine comma j m
Asleep in the a m (snooze)
Wakin up with satan (restless)
Witcha in the witching hour out to cause mayhem (wreckless)
Bend the devil over make her scream god day-umn!
Embrace the sun n stare at it
Family I don't care about it
Wolfsbane and wolfs blood
The lone wolf dies but the pack survives
Guess I shouldn’ta runaway
Rape and murder shots away (it’s just a shot away!)
Fame will come if you slow play
Money made of pussy, I’m so paid
Yeah mad riches (bling bling)
I forgot to turn my swag off before bed and I woke up covered in bitches


Fuck the devil
Fucked a devil
Winter won't you come won’t you come
Take the air right out my lungs
Fuck the devil
Fucked a devil
Winter won't you come won’t you come
Take the air right out my lungs

Can't stop the hurt
See you soon, Kurt. There’s no room, earth.
Rhino did you die or are you living
I told you Soldiers die for a living. I’m livid.
The atrocities that you committed all go unforgiven
Get money
Get nice n comfy
Live a life so elegant
Speak a speech so eloquent
Cold, cunning, self-made man
Drive drunk I don’t care, now my life’s in my foot’s hands
Chooof, Thank the man downstairs

Bridge 2:
Winter comes yeah winter comes x2
She finna cum she finna cum x2
Who ya Finna try who ya Finna try ahhh!?


Fuck everyone else in this game…
Sycamo style mo sicka than yours
My wit is quicka than yours
With the funky rhythm I be kickin, musician
Nas is underrated, but I don’t feel bad for him
Fuck Eminem, I eat a whole bag of him

What up, Hov? Congratulations on destiny's grandchild
I actually thought you just ate Beyonce’s box every night. Good to know she let you fuck her once.

Last name ever, first name greatest, step up to the mic please...

Drake Verse:
Haters say “hey Drake, we don’t really like you.” I just say, “whatever man, I’m Drizzy.”
I lookin at the future, haters lookin passed me.
I’m hiding from my past cuz I was crippled on Degrassi.

Rick Ross Verse:
Rick Ross
Hroof. Magic Bullet. You know it’s set to chop
Hroof. Rick Ross. I was a rent-a-cop.
Hroof Straight narc, but I still smoke a forest.
Hroof Brooklyn Pizza flow. Go Di Faras.
BOSS Thug life there ain’t no greater stakes
Hroof Peter Lugers, there ain’t no greater steaks
Hroof I’m bakin cake, waiters hate make haters wait
Hroof I took my old life, and made a great escape
Hroof Houdini flow, I’m in a straight jacket
Hroof Cum on her face, (BOSS) I straight jack it
Hroof Fuck da treesome, I’m doin Fo’ play
Hroof Money made o’ pussy. Hroof I’m so paid

Chorus x2


from The Journey of Julian Rhine, released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Julian Rhine Brooklyn, New York

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. Well, actually I make music and torture myself watching the Mets and Jets. Brooklyn born n raised.

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