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Who dat? Who dat?
Born ready. Never settle for 2nd place. I’m sweaty, the gold metal holds heavy lead, levee the seas and the jetties already.
Levy the troops steady. Stay sharp, I’m gettin edgy.
Watch for any enemies behind and there’s plenty ahead of me.
Drown in the Rhine, they all dead to me.
I don’t have to sell a single record to know I’m the best.
I’m comin for the conquest.

Gravity grabbin me, weighted training clothes
Ascend to fantasy, and I’m maiming foes
Like the king that I am
Sit on the throne of iron.
Molten core of fire. Rhino roar’s the new lion
Won my fights so I’m left to be right. I am the hungriest, the jungle either breaks you or takes you to new heights
Aight? Watch the throne, Corleone, hey Mr. West
I’m comin for the conquest

You know yeah you know yeah you know this
(I’m comin for the conquest)
You know yeah you know yeah you know this
(I’m comin for the conquest)
You know yeah you know yeah you know this
(I’m comin for the conquest)
Shuttin down shows, yeah, it’s show biz

Ball don't get it twisted
Flow ballistic missiles do not miss em bitches are uncivil and are not domesticated. 0s and 1s, it’s makin most hoes overrated. They hate it. Shut up and take the compliment
I dunno where the condom went
Raw dawg (hrroooff!)
Give up? Or are you thirsty for more?
By the time I'm 24 what’s in store what’s next?
I’m comin for the conquest


Bridge 1:
Stones thrown at my face. Then the people at my grave state
Oh no what a waste. Fuck a safety net and savin face.
So cold and disgraced. Or I glow and radiate.
Look at me face to face it’s no contest.
I’m comin for the conquest.

Holla to the bottom it's hollow without a condo it's hotter than to the top and it's harder then when I start and then I end it one shot I ain’t stoppin coppin the bop. Mantronic system sonic symbolic with no shot clock.
Talent let's you hit a target no one else can hit
My genius let's me hit targets that do not yet exist
I am unstoppable. Undroppable. Incomparable with no rest. yeah

Bridge 2:
I'm the greatest motherfucker in the game right now
I'm the strangest and a genius and I do it for the fame
Money over bitches, bitches only give you pain right now (pain right now)
(end of bridge: Pain)

Good things come to those who wait
But the best things come to those who take
I put my nuts on the table
Bare my soul to the public
Fuck it. Break it down rip it up, shitty idiot I love it.
Do work, conquer with honor. Her kitchen’s wide open I come in and come on her.
Wait till you see my concert

Bridge 2
(end of bridge: Welcome to my dreams)

My sincerity is resonance, my feet are in the reservoir
My clarity is resin hits, my head is full of stars
This is my reality, I take it out for all to see
Welcome to my dreams


from The Journey of Julian Rhine, released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Julian Rhine Brooklyn, New York

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. Well, actually I make music and torture myself watching the Mets and Jets. Brooklyn born n raised.

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