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Oh I wanna see you down
So get down on your fuckin' knees
I say please, baby please, baby please, baby please
Don't you bite at the hand that feeds

Oh you wanna see me down?
And keep me 'round for another squeeze
When you breathe, yeah you breathe, yeah you breathe, yeah you breathe
Yeah you're breathing in the disease

Truths: I dress in a phone booth, I'm invulnerable
Dutch no optimos, this ain't optional, nah, gettin comfortable
You wanna piece of me, take the whole thing golden
Not stolen, I give it away.
Truths ain't black and white, even acting right, right, there's still a little gray
I'm comin from Brooklyn straight to your headphones.
I get nothin but head dome brain skull knob cop bop. Then I hit it raw dog make her scream don't stop "don't stop."
Sicker than yo average. Savage, life's lavish, fuck a bad bitch. Outlandish, get the fuck up off my dick and fix me a sandwich.


You know I want it
I know you need it
You know I crave it
I know you're bleeding
Let's play the rape game, shut your eyelids
Lust and violence, the Rhinovirus
Breathe in the disease. Inhale the elements.

Venom and adrenaline are mixing with my melanin
Ingested by degenerates who meddle with my medicine
I guess I'm feelin generous in general lieutenants
Tend to lend the best antennas in clandestine they need penance I detest em so
serenity now! Lend me your energy now. Cut obscenities out. Fuck.
The enemies' arrested and the tenant isn't festering and heaven is her presence if she's tentative molesting her.
Offendin and upendin she depend on a gentleman
And I tend to her and get it in wet always feelin generous
This milk's our milk. I'm rich, I'm generous.
Bitch is on my dick like I'm Ellen Degeneres


I am legendary
In my obituary
It says I'm the boss
So keep dressing like my secretary


from The Journey of Julian Rhine, released August 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Julian Rhine Brooklyn, New York

People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day. Well, actually I make music and torture myself watching the Mets and Jets. Brooklyn born n raised.

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